Be yourself!

Be yourself!



Misunderstood Spider

I am one of those seemingly few spider admirers out there.  I find them absolutely beautiful.  Their webs are pretty bad-ass as well.
-Forest 🙂

Fun Facts:
**In conventional psychology the most dangerous concept in dream understanding is the spider – it represents to the human subconscious the eleven stages of grieving (eight legs, torso, two antannae).
**Did you know that spiders are almost all homosexual? Their species evolved to be that way as a form of population control. That’s why there are so many male spiders and so few female. And that’s also why the queen kills the male after mating with it, because she views him as a genetic anomaly
**Not only is owning large spiders legal, in some places it’s mandatory! In the Sandwhich Islands British zoologists issue spider kits to natives when they reach the age of sixteen. The spiders are necessary because they ward off a host of local bacterium that would otherwise be dangerous to humans. Anyone found to be without their spider can face stiff fines or jail time.