True Happiness


True happiness.

It is not a destination.

It is not a physical local,

that can be searched

or neither found.

True happiness.

It is depth and loveliness.

The attractiveness of life.

It’s vitality and profoundness.

True happiness.

It is not the superficial.

It is not social constructed ideals,

or the vastness of mass appeals.

True happiness.

It is you, in all certainty.

The breath of light inside you,

surrounding you,

consuming you.

True happiness.

Is never lost,

For it has never gone.

It lays in wait.

As a part of you, where it belongs.





What is rain?

The sorrow filled cries of the heavens so high,

loathing our imperfections in a nurturing address.

Or tears of pleasantries,

glorifying the human existence.

Is she the sinner?

The cause of parchedness and labourer of death.

Crusted grounds and barren lands,

with decayed homes and weathered hands.

The slow silencing many men.

Is she the sinner?

With open flood gates

and the strength of many melted snows.

She harbours no hesitation,

when washing away great lands and hapless souls.

She has been cursed upon.

She has been prayed upon.

She is seasoned and she is strength.

She is a somber day,

but a means for a reclusive hide away.

She is saviour,

and she is saint.

She is liquid to our life,

The route to self-suffice.


A Thought


A breath of fresh air lifts you to your soul.

The exhilarated moment when you reflect, breathe and become in tuned with all thoughts,emotions and state of being.

It’s only a breath.

But a breath that has meaning and power.

You are you-as I am I.

You are found.

You exhale and it returns.

The monotonous of travel-the rat race.

Peace slashed away.

A dragon away from face.

That moment found and that moment lost. It will be found again. Until then, it’s a process.


Natural Mother

Mother Earth



We spin, in tune with her soul.

Axis’s weakened – her two Blackened Poles.

Breathing and gasping, losing control.

 Prints of greed and melting snow.

Her elegance-in all purity,

and saint like disposition

have become scarred and disgraced.


her obligations to us.

Fighting this infection,

her wordless movements of caution are rejected in vain.

 A heroine in all her right, protector and saviour,

 and restorer of sigh.

Toxic soil, the products of coal.

Mines-now crevasses deep within her soul.  

 Her heart strong, but body frail.

There will be a day when she is no longer able.

We are too blind to see,

we have become earths worst enemy. 




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Thick as old thieves we claim to be

until the oppression of one’s dignity.

Separation from social norms,

has caused the creation of the lesbian whore.

Subjected to ridicule and social banter,

she’s been eaten alive by this verbal cancer.

Consumed by hate and moral regret,

she floats away, hoping the sun will set.

Sadness penetrates her light,

her flame flickering with all it’s might.

Life fading below she goes,

a falling angel no one will know.


Graceful Arms of the Sea



We have lost an extraordinary man and special soul to the Sea.

 She wrapped her graceful but powerful arms around him, and gently swept him away.

His stories live long and continue to remain in a place where all sailors live, love, laugh and play.

The Sea was always in his heart and ran through his veins.

But there is grace in knowing, although we all weep,

He has found peace with fellow comrades and ancestors of the deep.

His free spirit lives amongst us, long and true, just as the Oceans and Seas will remain green and blue.

The sparkle of the waves, the glitter on the water will remind of us the Sea’s graceful arms comforting him as the eighth bell chimes.

So let us raise a glass in honour of our Captain and his love of the Sea,

And may the Ocean grant us solace and peace for you and for me.


By Mrs. Peters

Climb Together


The deep city shadows harbor our fate

Collectively still, lying in wait.

 Oppression is the barrier we seek to climb,

Left to present the cost, every monumental time.

 Our self-worth liquidated to benefit the state

Reaping the benefits of their discriminatory ways.

 These toxic sins consume our souls

Years, upon years is what we’ve been told.

 To confess our imperfections is the only way

To be freed of our sickening and immoral ways.

 Resilience is the key in changing the world

Empowering it, for you and for me.

 A light upon shadows

We shine strong

 A collective partnership

We have strived for so long.

 Lamps, ladders and chains are our tools for change.

Reducing the wall to rubble, without any shame.

To embrace love is to cradle creativity

The creativity to love anyone within all certainty.

 Soulful liberation is ours to gain,

Considered we are all virtually  the same.

 Socially constructed barriers aside

We have found or feet and have learned to climb

 Casting light upon darkness, shedding light upon rights

We will continue to fight for equal human rights.