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EyesWideShut is a motivational avenue that is intended to raise public awareness to societal issues that in one way or another affect all of us. In order to facilitate change we must first and foremost self-reflect, acknowledge, and understand our own hopes, fears, and dreams – try to discover the purpose of this crazy thing we call life, because this can not be it…right? Asking ourselves what we want from our time here is the first step in the process of individual and global empowerment. There are many different perceptions and assumptions about the world we live in, yet almost every inhabitant on this planet can agree that it is far from perfect – heck some may even say that we are well on our way to the extincion of our own species…So what can we do?


Where do we start?

The answer is – anywhere and now!

We all believe strongly in something; Whether it’s, climate change, animal ‘s rights, women’s rights, poverty, or the next hockey game. So why not advocate to make what you believe in better? Always remember, we are NOT powerless. We are strong and resilient. We have the right to ask questions and search for answers. Collectively we must stop living blindly and open our eyes to experience, revolution, and global transformation. We are not meant to be segregated from one another. Our strength and power is generated from our unity, not our division. Change starts from the bottom, not the top. It is time to create the change.

EyesWideShut will help illuminate various truths to bring power to the individuals wanting change and those just beginning their journey.

-River and Forest

“Live widely, live truthfully and let life be your inspiration”



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