Graceful Arms of the Sea



We have lost an extraordinary man and special soul to the Sea.

 She wrapped her graceful but powerful arms around him, and gently swept him away.

His stories live long and continue to remain in a place where all sailors live, love, laugh and play.

The Sea was always in his heart and ran through his veins.

But there is grace in knowing, although we all weep,

He has found peace with fellow comrades and ancestors of the deep.

His free spirit lives amongst us, long and true, just as the Oceans and Seas will remain green and blue.

The sparkle of the waves, the glitter on the water will remind of us the Sea’s graceful arms comforting him as the eighth bell chimes.

So let us raise a glass in honour of our Captain and his love of the Sea,

And may the Ocean grant us solace and peace for you and for me.


By Mrs. Peters


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