Climb Together


The deep city shadows harbor our fate

Collectively still, lying in wait.

 Oppression is the barrier we seek to climb,

Left to present the cost, every monumental time.

 Our self-worth liquidated to benefit the state

Reaping the benefits of their discriminatory ways.

 These toxic sins consume our souls

Years, upon years is what we’ve been told.

 To confess our imperfections is the only way

To be freed of our sickening and immoral ways.

 Resilience is the key in changing the world

Empowering it, for you and for me.

 A light upon shadows

We shine strong

 A collective partnership

We have strived for so long.

 Lamps, ladders and chains are our tools for change.

Reducing the wall to rubble, without any shame.

To embrace love is to cradle creativity

The creativity to love anyone within all certainty.

 Soulful liberation is ours to gain,

Considered we are all virtually  the same.

 Socially constructed barriers aside

We have found or feet and have learned to climb

 Casting light upon darkness, shedding light upon rights

We will continue to fight for equal human rights.



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